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Liverpool Live Stream 2020/2021

When Jurgen Klopp walked into Anfield for his first day as Liverpool manager on 8 October 2015, there was one keynote message from his public address.

“We must turn from doubters to believers,” said the charismatic German as he sat in front of the cameras and lights of the world’s media.

Less than five years on, no-one doubts Klopp or his players. After a remarkable rise from 10th place on his arrival to European champions for the sixth time, they have now returned to their domestic perch as Premier League champions, too.

Liverpool Live Stream and their manager were forced to wait an extra three months for their coronation as the season was halted by the global coronavirus pandemic but the silverware is reward for his revitalisation of the club and its support.

n 2017-18, Liverpool Live Stream scored 13 goals and conceded 12 from set-pieces. Increased focus and innovation following the World Cup saw them score 29 and concede only eight in the subsequent campaign.

Such enlightened attention to detail even included the arrival of a dedicated throw-in coach, the Dane Thomas Gronnemark, after the tournament, an appointment designed to eradicate errors and maximise the many re-starts from this position during games.

Liverpool Live Stream
Liverpool Live Stream

An emotional Jordan Henderson celebrates winning the Champions League with Klopp moments after the final whistle

However, Liverpool and Krawietz are not slaves to specifics. He and Klopp still want room for free thinking and spontaneity at set-pieces. What greater example than Trent Alexander-Arnold’s quickly taken corner that caught Barcelona cold in last season’s Champions League semi-final second leg at Anfield?

During a normal week at Melwood, Krawietz will usually present Klopp with 90 minutes of analytical detail which will be whittled down over the course of two meetings to a 25-30 minute presentation which the manager will deliver the day before the game.

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He is a vocal, traditional assistant who takes many training sessions along with Klopp. He is also the buffer between other non-football departments at Liverpool, shaping operational management and drawing up schedules to ensure players get enough rest, deciding when to train and maximising performance.

Klopp’s confidence in himself and those around him is such that he says: “I know I’m good at a couple of things and really good at a few things and that’s enough. My confidence is big enough that I can really let people grow next to me. That’s no problem. I need experts around me.”

It is a three-pronged approach that brought almost perfection at various stages over the past two seasons and, to use the words of Brian Clough about Peter Taylor, the goods at the back of the store are almost as essential to the overall package as what is in the shop window.

On the pitch, Klopp has earned his reputation alongside the other coaching greats now in the Premier League, such as Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti at Everton and Jose Mourinho at Tottenham.

He has also, almost without fail, made players better, whether they were signed by him or already at Liverpool.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson, signed by Kenny Dalglish in June 2011, had his doubters almost up to the time he lifted the Champions League in Madrid last May. Klopp never wavered. Now, Henderson’s form and reputation has never been higher.

Roberto Firmino is another he inherited. His signing from Hoffenheim in June 2015 initially raised doubts over Liverpool Live Stream “transfer committee”, the group that used to lead buying strategy and was responsible for far more failures than successes.

In a previous time, there was justifiable cause to question a muddled transfer policy, especially after the £75m sale of Luis Suarez to Barcelona in summer 2014. The prime example was the folly of subsequently spending £16m on Mario Balotelli from AC Milan, shortly after then-manager Brendan Rodgers had insisted publicly: “I can categorically tell you he will not be coming to Liverpool.”

Firmino has now moved into the category of world class under Klopp’s tutelage. Virgil van Dijk, Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and goalkeeper Alisson – who all had quality on arrival – have become even better for Klopp’s work.

Mane told BBC Sport: “He is close to his players and he gives us responsibility on the pitch, which is really important for each player. At the same time he is very friendly with us. That is one of his big strengths.”

Since Klopp’s arrival, Liverpool Live Stream transfer business has become the template for efficiency. This January, before any rivals had made their moves, a £7.5m deal for Red Bull Salzburg’s Takumi Minamino was signed, sealed and delivered for the first day of the month. The same was true of the £75m move for Van Dijk from Southampton. Deal announced on 27 December 2017. Deal signed 1 January 2018.

And this is down, in large part, to what those behind the scenes at Anfield describe as Liverpool Live Stream “Holy Trinity”. The relationship between Klopp, sporting director Michael Edwards and Mike Gordon, the man with the second biggest equity stake in the club and who could be described as the “managing owner”.

Not that Klopp is a romantic. All decisions are based on hard-headed business reality and if the game-changer is there, Liverpool will be in the hunt. Klopp is frugal but strategic. It is an all-encompassing policy that has renewed Liverpool to the point where they are, in the eyes of many, Europe’s finest side with a team and club built in Klopp’s image.

Former Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre, who sat at Klopp’s right hand when he was introduced at Anfield, says: “Is Jurgen right for Liverpool? The answer is absolutely.

“Everything is natural. Nothing is made up. He doesn’t do anything for effect. He is naturally engaging. He raises the energy level in a room when he walks in.

“He is big and imposing. He is a hugger. All these things he does because it is natural to him. He doesn’t think ‘I’m going to hug the staff and the players’. He does it because he cares for these people. That is who Jurgen Klopp is. He just fits perfectly.”